Experience the CREWSER live at the Boot in Düsseldorf at the booth of Luxury Maritime Toys GmbH, HALL 5 / D02
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The ship left yesterday. Today is crewsing time!

This unique electric scooter from German development is a special world scooter: Concept and design come from Europe, the ergometry was developed according to the highest standards worldwide and the trend-setting and reliable technology comes from one of the best productions in Asia.

The CREWSER thus serves the trend towards ecologically sustainable transportation in individual traffic – especially on the “last mile” – but deliberately opposes the “mainstream” of inexpensive vehicles from mass production.

With its characteristic design elements and outstanding workmanship, the CREWSER serves the market of highly demanding customers with maritime ambitions.

I said “Captain”, he said “What”?

Seafarers appreciate the feeling of infinite space and spontaneous flexibility. Why should it end at the landing stage? With a CREWSER, the feeling of freedom continues in the harbour and far beyond.
But the CREWSER is more: it is a unique, maritime statement.

The CREWSER was developed out of the desire to be the perfect complement to a high-quality yacht. But you don’t have to be a skipper to master every manoeuvre with it. Following the principle of “load & drive”, the CREWSER can be steered intuitively – without any relevant acclimatisation time. This is made possible by the perfectly dimensioned wheel circumferences as well as the robust aluminium construction, which transports a weight of up to 120 kilograms playfully and dynamically.

(Have a Break – have a Thumb Throttle)

Other important features include two powerful disc brakes and three gears, giving the driver the freedom to decide whether to drive particularly dynamically (S), with factory settings (D) or particularly economically (E), designed for long ranges.

All hands on deck! But one after the other, please.

Even the planking is a feast for the eyes of perfectionists with a love of detail: on extra-large, anti-slip varnished oak planking made of handmade, individually crafted oak wood, it stands robust and safe. Filigree integrated aluminium strips underline the exclusivity of the deck.

Here, too, you will discover another significant difference compared to mass products: Not only the handlebar step protection, but also the step plank can be individualised on request: With the boat brand label, personalised with the name or coat of arms of the owner, with branding stamp, milled, lasered or as inlay work. Exclusivity through individuality. Please ask us specifically about this.

How many knots does the hairstyle tolerate?

The CREWSER delivers particularly dynamic acceleration thanks to a brushless 350 watt rear-mounted motor. This enables it to get up to 14 knots (25 km/h) stably on the road. This is the perfect speed to catch everyone’s eye and at the same time allow those who are astonished to admire the valuable and unique details. Just like the characteristic screwed cleat on the main mast, which is not only a show element but above all a sensible quality feature and detail, because it allows the CREWSER to be lashed down quickly and safely on board. The irresistibly designed, dynamic stern of the CREWSER is also an eye-catcher.

Since e-scooter pilots prefer to keep their hands on the handlebars, we were the first to equip it with a further safety feature, two integrated turn signals in clear-glass look and of course highly break-resistant. They are operated with the thumb on the accelerator lever and, in addition to the ultra-bright front lights, ensure not only a spectacular presence in the twilight but also high visibility on the road.

The workmanship is high-quality, the technical cable routing is of course invisibly integrated into the frame. Water- and saltwater-resistant, the CREWSER defies even the most adverse weather conditions. Even in a stiff breeze: the battery mounted below deck acts as ballast to give the CREWSER a low centre of gravity, which optimises stability when sailing.

For the CREWSER, we have developed a special design-quick charger that brings the electric scooter from zero to full power in two hours.
What the demanding customer is looking for in vain is an app. Since all relevant data can be easily read off the scooter display, we have responded to the desire of many customers for privacy and data protection and have decoupled the CREWSER from GPS and NFC – for a feeling of absolute freedom and as a luxury feature, because no third party can read the route data of the CREWSER pilot, which is a (luxury) feature that should not be underestimated in today’s world.

Stand instead of fender.

Pay attention to the details! In the field of tension between safety, reliability and dynamics, the design of the CREWSER sets new standards in navy blue. We have dispensed with a lower deck, otherwise the CREWSER offers everything you could wish for a perfect shore excursion.

Ready to go ashore? Ready to crew.